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About us

What we do

We create digital solutions such as web and mobile applications, websites and customized business systems, as well as develop digital infrastructure for companies in all industries. But, we do more than that for our customers.

See us as a personal IT partner who is dedicated and up-to-date with your business and is always available to give advice throughout your entire digital journey. We have the experience to guide you to the results you set out to achieve, and the resources to quickly scale up and down according to your needs.

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Tony - CEO
Rebecca - Project Manager
Thomas - Developer
Emma - Key Account Manager
Eric - Designer
Fahima - Project Assistant
Patric - Developer
Christina - Project Manager

Our History

Entella has been around for a long time. It all started in Sollentuna, outside Stockholm back in 1986. Back then, the IT-company we founded was named Techsell, which later on became TXL and finally Entella as it is called today. Third time’s the charm, as they say.

The first product we developed was a store computer system, which put us on the map in Sweden in the beginning of the happy 90’s. During the latter part of the decade, we also launched Sweden’s first CMS called Site Manager.

As usual, time flies when you’re having fun, and 20 years after it all began, we started developing solutions for mobile devices and solutions tailored for the new video-calling feature which was introduced around 2006. Soon after, we started developing apps for the new smartphones that took the market by storm.

Today, we have offices in both India and Sweden and a long list of outstanding companies, including Aftonbladet, the United States National Homeland Security, Arlanda Express, Ericsson and Åhléns, which we have helped realize concepts and ideas of different sizes and characteristics over the years.